Wellbeing, Creatively

By Lubna Saif Abbas, in Crafts, at Jabriya, Kuwait

Bringing creative experiences that allow patients, their families and support teams to heal through the act of making as well as finding and expressing their voices through the process.

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Wellbeing; Creatively

A program that has its basis of over eight years of providing workshops that foster creativity and encourage the act of making. Designed to serve the community and individuals in particular who are facing medical, physical and psychological conditions and challenges.

The program is set up to work with small groups and in many cases one on one engagement with individual recipients if need be. In many cases this is required. We invite our participants by re-igniting their sense of shapes, colors, textures, patterns through these project based sessions that encourages them to find their voices creatively as they navigate through their life and challenges. With activities such as creative and art journaling, writing and jewelry making that allows our guests to reconnect with themselves and others through these sense inspiring experiences.

Our approach is mind, heart and hands to trigger creative exercises that focus on the present and allows individuals to take these tools and experiences and use them where ever they may be and through their live course and challenges.

Risk & Challenge

The main challenge we have been facing and anticipate more so, is that the high demand for Wellbeing; Creativley in terms of man hours and qualified staff we will not be able to meet as we would want.


How long are the weekly sessions for your Wellbeing; Creatively Recipients

Each recipient has different needs so it is usually no less than once a week and go up to three times a week if required.

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Exquisite Hand Lettered Thank You Certificate

A beautifully framed hand lettered thank you certificate that will be customized with your name created in Calligraphy and Yadawi wax seal. You will be able to pick up your certificate at our Mubarakiya location.

Estimated Delivery: August 2016
Shipping: None

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Gratitude Gift

Created by the recipients of the Well Being; Creatively Program you will receive a hand crafted token made during the sessions and gifted to you. You will be able to pick up your artisanal gift at our Mubarakiya location.

Estimated Delivery: August 2016
Shipping: None

Support $50 or more

1 Supporter Limited (39 left of 40)

Customized A5 Rhodia Soft Cover Notebook with an inspirational message embossed that is created by participants of the Well Being; Creatively program. Plus a Thank You Certificate personalized and framed.

Estimated Delivery: October 2016
Shipping: Domestic

Support $75 or more

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Yadawi Workshop
We will have a Jewelry Making Workshop, Calligraphy or Decopatch Workshop you can choose from. Please specify which one in the notes. This will include all the materials required and instruction. Workshops are located at our Yadawi Jabriya location.

Estimated Delivery: August 2016
Shipping: None

Support $120 or more

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Recipient Gift + Yadawi Workshop

A special handcrafted and personalized gift will be created by participants of the Wellbeing; Creatively program combined with attending from the Yadawi offering of a Jewelry Making, Calligraphy or Decopatch Workshop. Please specify your area of workshop interest in the notes.

Estimated Delivery: November 2016
Shipping: None

Support $375 or more

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Exquisite Hand Lettered Thank You Certificate that is customized and framed.
A custom laser cut Calligraphy piece 70 x 30 cm designed inspirational piece as wall art in either black, white or natural finish.

Estimated Delivery: February 2017
Shipping: Domestic

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Corporate Donor Well Being; Creatively

As a corporate donor, well being and creativity for your team go hand and hand. These sessions have proven effective in unleashing creativity, developing teams and more satisfaction in the working arena. We have created sessions that will encourage your teams to detach, be inspired by their senses and what they can actually create with their own hands. From recycling, upcycling, creative and art journaling, jewelry making and much more. The program is designed for a three day sessions of 3 hours or two full days of 6 hours for a group of 8-10 individuals.
The corporate sponsor will receive a Calligraphy wall art piece as well as a hand lettered certificate. All participants will receive Certificates of Wellbeing; Creatively completion. The sessions would take place at our Yadawi location in Jabriya.
Should you as a Corporate Donor commit to more we can customize the program as well.

Estimated Delivery: May 2017
Shipping: None


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