These Are The Project Guidelines.

  • Once you submit your request to post a project, you will be classified as a Jaribha "Creator" by which you will have a maximum of 120-days timeframe to reach your Goal Amount (Project Period). You must set your Goal Amount and Project Period in advance. The Goal Amount and Project Period cannot be changed once your project has gone live. The project cannot be changed or edited once it has gone live, it can only be updated.
  • Should you be able to meet your Project Goal or pass it, Jaribha will provide you with the entire sum within 14 days of the end date, less 10% the Project Fee Terms and Conditions. Should you unsuccessfully meet your Project Goal by the timeframe you set, your project will be classified as unsuccessful and the support generated for your project will be returned to all your Supporters.

Supporting a project multiple times by a single user is permitted.

  • Jaribha welcomes new project categories and If you do not think your project fits any of our categories, please email us at .We will review your suggested category and email you with the response.
  • A project or idea could be anything from starting a clothing line, publishing a book, creating a game or an event inventing a new product and many more. Each Creator sets a Project Goal and a time limit in order to complete the project.
  • Projects falling under categories mentioned/seen on the website may be supported/created/sponsored in Jaribha.
  • Jaribha will continue to add/delete more categories in the future. Please check our website regularly for updates.

Please refrain from using offensive content as part of your project page or rewards, as well as any copyright or patented material. Also refrain from spamming individuals and other members of the community. We welcome you to invite friends and family to view your project, but avoid invading the social networks or sending mass emails in the hopes of publicizing your project. While Jaribha reserves the right to ultimately reject a project without specifying a reason, as a general guideline Jaribha does not allow offensive language in/or towards projects, Creators, Supporters or Sponsors.

Jaribha does not permit the following

  • IP infringement
  • Alcohol
  • Baby Food Products
  • Contests (entry fees, prize money, within your project to encourage support, etc.)
  • Drugs, Drug-like substances, drug paraphernalia, tobacco, etc.
  • Financial Incentives (ownership, share of profits, repayment/loans, etc.)
  • Firearms, weapons and knives
  • Medical and safety-related products
  • Multi-level marketing and pyramid programs
  • Offensive material (hate speech, inappropriate content, etc.)
  • Pornographic material
  • Projects endorsing or opposing a political candidate
  • Projects promoting a religious cause or affiliated with a religious act
  • Projects promoting or glorifying acts of violence
  • Projects using Jaribha simply to sell existing inventory
  • Rewards in bulk quantities (more than ten of an item)
  • Rewards not directly produced by the Creator or the project itself
  • Company or Product Stocks or Shares
  • Profits accrued from the Project or otherwise

Jaribha also does not permit anything that is against the law of the country

Jaribha has the irrevocable right to decline or take down any project at any time. Violating these rules or our Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy may result in your account being deleted and/or your project being suspended & if the need be legal action will be taken.

Project Sponsors