Why Become a Creator ?

Welcome to Jaribha Creator Handbook! This guide will walk you through everything from planning your shipping to communicating with supporters.

Easy Steps to make your project successful

Before you start you must know all projects must have:

  1. A video and description that explains the story of your project
  2. Rewards that supporters will receive when the project is completed
  3. Updates that share the journey as the project comes to life
  1. Friends, family and people working with you on the project are the easiest and the first you must have ready. Use their connections also to spread the word.
  2. Finding organic crowd
    1. Online communities
    2. Offline communities
    3. Make your reputation clear, known and consistent
    4. Use social media
  3. Influence the influencers
    1. Be active with them on all their channels and make sure they notice you.
    2. Contact them and tell them who you are and that you participate on their blogs etc. Finally make the request if they would like to talk about you.
  1. Make sure the image and project description are clear and interesting. Include photos of your project and be personal in your description.
  1. If you must, hire someone to make it look nice for you.
  2. Mix photos images and videos in the story part.
  3. Introduce yourself and your team.
  4. The video is very important, make sure it’s cool and creative. Should be between 0- 3mins. The first 7 seconds is what you should say that is most important, a call to action.
  5. Add supplement videos.
  6. Sound quality is most important.
  7. Express the idea well.
  8. Tell the story behind your project up to date.
  9. Share a general timeline of what you plan to do and how. Supporters love knowing these details.
  10. Make it visually engaging.
  11. Include your budget. Jaribha does not ask for financials but at least you should have a budget. People will feel more secure knowing you know what you’re doing.
  12. Make sure the video is personal, emotional and from the heart. People will see the passion
  13. Create stretch goals – [once you’ve exceeded your funding goal you can offer to add something special to the rewards] these are other funding goals above your original goal. If you hit them you will do or add something special to the rewards you are giving or just in general
  14. Risk and challenges – be realistic and honest. What are the challenges you may face in finishing the project.
  15. Use 3rd party for pictures and videos if possible to make sure they look good.
  16. Most importantly, have fun with it! Be yourself.
  1. After you write the rewards, review them and let friends review them with you. They will tell you if they are clear and give you their opinion.
  2. Check the prohibited items.
  3. 7 levels of rewards is more than enough.
  5. Copies of the item
    1. The album (physical or digital), the DVD, a print from the photo exhibition.
    2. A product of the thing you’re creating or a service.
  6. Limited editions
    1. Supporters love limited editions. They celebrate the special role supporters played in helping the project come to life. If its custom and premium, LIMIT THEM OR IT WILL TAKE A LOT OF YOUR TIME.
  7. Collaborations
    1. Examples include: a supporter appears in your comic. Every supporter gets painted into your mural. Two supporters can do the handclaps for a song on your record.
  8. Experiences
    1. A visit to the set. A phone call from the author. Dinner with the cast. A concert in your backyard.
    2. Event
    3. Party
  9. Mementos
    1. Polaroids sent from location. Thanks in the credits. Meaningful tokens that tell a story.
  10. Offer a wide variety
    1. Some of your supporters might be able to contribute $100, but others might only be able to contribute $10. Every supporter counts, so be sure to offer an array of rewards that can appeal to all different kinds of people.
  11. Consider the costs
    1. Remember that you’ll be producing and delivering the rewards that you offer. Presumably you’ll use some of the money raised on Jaribha to make that happen. Plan ahead and budget accordingly for these costs.
  12. People will be buying your item
    1. If you are making a crowdfunding campaign for a tangible product, e.g. a music album or a cool smartphone gadget, supporters will tend to contribute the amount of money needed to purchase that item.
  13. Create scarcity.
    1. Make a fear of loss. Offer a limited quantity of rewards to encourage people to buy right now and to create a sense of exclusivity. After a reward sells out, you can always add a new one
  14. Give people a good deal.
    1. Don’t charge retail prices to supporter, as they may wait for the product for quite some time and it would not be fair.
  15. Do not forget small rewards.
    1. Rewards for $10- $50 are important as they allow you to capture the contributions of those people who fancy your idea but not to the point where they would commit more than a few dollars.
  16. Look for inspiration.
    1. If you are having trouble creating rewards, find similar campaigns and use their rewards for inspiration.
  17. Keep it low cost.
    1. Rewards have costs, like production and shipping costs. When you calculate the reward price you have to include them in. So try to create rewards that do not cost you too much, but at the same time that can be very valuable to the supporters.
  18. Deliverer Date
    1. Give yourself some time. Try not to be late. If you are late be sure to update the supporters.
  19. Limited reward vs unlimited reward. Failure from too much success . Logistic nightmare.
  1. Understand all your costs. Start writing a list of all your costs and get to know the budget for this project. Cut costs, find better shipping companies if there is delivery, think of all the aspects carefully.
  2. Look at all your connections. Jaribha has a good community but you must also consider your own connections and how to spread the word about your project.
  3. The GOAL. How much money do you need to get your project done and deliver the rewards? Know this and write it down.
  4. Time. Your project can go from 15- 120 days. Choose your duration wisely don’t let it be idle in the beginning, people may think you have too much time nor do you want to have too little time to reach out to everyone and create the sense of urgency. In our opinion 30 days is best.
  5. Jaribha commission. We take 10% always keep that in mind when creating your budget.
  6. Rule of thumb. (your real goal) + (10% fees)+ (30% shipping costs) = your goal on Jaribha.com

Before you start you must know all projects must have:

  1. Social media. This is a crowdfunding website, use your social media to your advantage. Friends, family and people you know can also help you spread the word.
    1. Create a Facebook page
    2. Put your project link where you can and when you can
    3. Use special tags
  2. Tell the media. People in the media want stories so if you have one ready go ahead and share it, maybe they will support you in spreading the word.
  3. Get everyone involved. Everyone that has a hand in your project should join you in promoting it.
  1. Reply, reply, reply. Stay in contact with the people.
  2. Share your updates and comments on social media.
  3. During the project. Tell people what you’re doing on a consistent bases. It could be a new addition to the team or a new idea that could help make the project even be better. People love to see the story and want to know more about it and see what’s happening.
  4. Make interesting and sharable updates to gain more supporters.
  5. Engage the supporters. Ask them to comment and vote on things or tell you their opinion.
  6. Status report. You should tell your supporters after funding is complete what’s the status on their rewards. You do not want grumpy supporters.
  7. Celebrate. After 1 year show your supporters how your project has grown. Your project will be on the site forever and the people that supported you will continue to receive updates.
  1. Learn:
    1. Fix your message
    2. Funding amount could be off
    3. Crowd was not built in time
    4. Learn from any mistake you know of
  2. Try again
  1. Day 7
    1. Make sure the project that you will submit is perfect
    2. Make an announcement of your project launch date
  2. Day 6
    1. Update all your social media and talk about the launch
  3. Day 5
    1. Prepare your partner and helpers to get ready before the launch
  4. Day 4
    1. Make designs of ads you will use in campaign
  5. Day 3
    1. Email Facebook and LinkedIn people and others about your soon to be launched project.
  6. Day 2
    1. Check with all 3rd parties that will help produce your rewards to make sure all prices they gave you are good
    2. Check with shipping companies you will use
  7. Day 1
    1. Final review
    2. Talk about the launch everywhere
    3. Be ready to give anyone any information if they decide they want to talk or post or write about you and your project.
  1. Communication is key

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