About Jaribha

Jaribha is a MENA-based online platform established in 2014 to help talented / creative / innovative / entrepreneurial individuals reach their Project Goal with the help of the community. Jaribha facilitates and manages the process, while Creators keep full ownership of their ideas.

The platform is based on the concept of "reward crowdfunding", where Creators can reach their Project Goal through the generosity, support and interest of people in return for rewards.

We offer an opportunity to many individuals to become

  • Creators
  • Supporters
  • Sponsors
  • Community

About Crowdfunding

Jaribha is based on the concept of "crowdfunding" which is a method that has been used since the 17th century. There have been documents that the concept of crowdfunding was used by Mozart and Beethoven to fund their musical projects and ideas.

Three ways crowdfunding works globally

  • Donation/reward crowdfunding
  • Debit crowdfunding
  • Equity crowdfunding

Jaribha Mission

Jaribha.com's mission is to provide another alternative to start a project. We are Creators ourselves and we understand the pitfalls an early starter has. We aim to help and facilitate things for the Creator in as many ways as we can and will continue to add more services as we get feedback from all the users from the site.

Jaribha Partner

  • Specialized in consulting Crowdfunding through the creation of the necessary competencies and specialized in providing solutions and services for all types of customers through experts consulting in all disciplines.
  • Administrative and financial analysis, market studies, feasibility studies, developing strategic plans in modern scientific foundations and supervision and providing an appropriate environment for those interested in different fields of work.
  • Designing and implementing workshops, practical discussions and managing training meetings.
  • Designing, preparing and developing rehabilitation and development programs.
Our team of experts are enough to face the obstacles and find solutions to achieve goals in modern patterns.

What we aim to do is help those individuals that are looking for

  • A support to start their projects
  • To see how the public reacts
  • An environment that is easy to browse and use.

What we aim not to do is preach for the individuals that have their projects.

  • We are creating environment fo this, but we leave it to the people
  • We are not selling their ideas, they are selling it themseleves

Project Sponsors