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(Joined : September, 2015)

Sirdab Lab

Sirdab Lab is the newest tech community and entrepreneurial space in Kuwait. Backed by an innovative team of individuals, Sirdab is passionate about creating a Silicon Valley-esque entrepreneurial eco-system in the Middle East. Make no mistake, the MENA region is filled with talent, and Sirdab wants to showcase promising entrepreneurs to the rest of the world. Most of the individuals in Sirdab's network have experience studying and working in the Silicon Valley, while others are successful entrepreneurs themselves. Together, we bring in a large pool of information and resources to help entrepreneurs facing difficulty. We are also a co-working space, the first of its kind in Kuwait. We host weekly events to help startups, and the themes cover a large variety of topics from venture capital, app development, design and everything in between. A great coworking space provide great ideas, and being associated with it could also lend credibility to your otherwise unknown startup. We have a range of different facilities available including free Wi-Fi and coffee to weekly seminars with high-profile guest speakers.

Projects under Sirdab Lab

  • Help Infusions KW grow!
    Successfully Supported!

    Help Infusions KW grow!

    Infusions KW leased a site where we have started construction for a production kitchen. Because we were a home business we now have to buy everything from scratch for all our kitchen necessities!

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