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Nuqat, first known as "Nuqat Ala Al Huroof," started off with one objective in mind - to develop Arab creativity on all levels, encompassing design, advertising, architecture, fashion, production and all other pertinent social and cultural fields. Established out of frustration with the lack of spirited exchange in the Middle East, the Nuqat team is made up of like-minded cultural visionaries from Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Dubai who have a growing optimism about fueling creative dialogue in the region. Nuqat identifies, tackles, and resolves creative issues with the aim of gathering and educating an empowered public who go on to enact change in the Middle East. Nuqat's mission as growing cultural force is to advance creativity and enrich society. Through initiating social design projects and connecting innovative powerhouses in the region, Nuqat blurs geographic and social boundaries and opens new frontiers for cultural and creative innovation. Nuqat aims to establish Nuqat institutes in different cities across the Middle East and to develop a specialized educational curriculum, in addition to organizing the ongoing annual Nuqat conferences for tackling a variety of pressing topics in the creative realm. Since 2009, Nuqat has hosted a yearly conference and a wide range of activities including workshops, exhibitions and design competitions.

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